...Always Working Properly

BridgePoint's constant monitoring has ensured that our system is always secure and working properly. At SOS Children's Village the security of our clients is paramount.

This is not what we are trained for and we don't have capabilities to do this ourselves. The risk is too great of potentially being hacked or losing all backup data. This could jeopardize our licensure, which would put us out of business. We are extremely happy and confident to be working with BridgePoint Technologies.

Kristine Kavanagh SOS Children's Villages Illinois

We can focus on practicing law, instead of IT

Outsourcing our IT to BridgePoint allows our firm to focus on practicing law, without having to worry about technology-related issues. The BridgePoint Help Desk responds virtually immediately to all requests, and has quickly and effectively solved every issue we have encountered. Dealing with a low cost, less-experienced, and less responsive IT team, would not be worth the corresponding cost to our productivity and peace of mind. Knowing that our network is secure, and our data is consistently backed up, offers us peace of mind, making the investment in BridgePoint well worth it.

Catherine Towne Tamari Law Group, LLC

We have been extremely satisfied since switching to BridgePoint

We interviewed several different IT companies to learn about the services each offered. We know that there are cheaper, less experienced firms, but we know you get what you pay for. Given the cyber security issues that we face as a law firm, protecting our client’s information is of the utmost importance. Not only is the team at BridgePoint extremely capable and efficient, they look beyond what we ask for and suggest solutions that make our firm more secure. BridgePoint is extremely reliable and we see the value they bring. Our decision to choose BridgePoint was the right one.

Matthew Connelly Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC